Since 2014 Flyhjælp has fought for airpassengers’ rights against the airlines.

We are very proud of this role. We are solely convinced that we, Flyhjælp, are fighting this battle the best because we have the sharpest employees who constantly strive to learn and to develop themselves professionally.

Our vision

"Bringing justice to travelers."

"We want to serve justice for travelers, by providing a swift, easy and transparent process."

"To serve justice and deliver the best experience for our customers, we must have engaged and skilled employees who manage the claim handling process with ease and swift. We offer dedication and clear drive to help travelers gain the justice which they deserve, through professional and reliant processes and work ethics."

The Flyhjælp mindset

Customers and future colleagues will recognize a Fly-helper on their Flyhjælp mindset. The Flyhjælp mindset rests on four major pillars. Each pillar represents an essential way of thinking and acting, and relates to our internal work relationships and it’s ethics along with the way we live our Vision and Mission for our clients.

As a client of Flyhjælp we hope that you can feel our strive and qualities in the way we handle your case.

The four pillars

We take pride in our work

We are proud of our team and our service. We do our best to bring justice to poorly treated travelers. We act professionally and take responsibility when acting on behalf of our customers.

We think and act like entrepreneurs

We take responsibility for the current situation of our team and organization. We are always looking for better ways to serve our customers. We embrace change and challenge the status quo. Our organization and success is the result of every one of us.

We are helpful and respectful

We work as a team across different departments and lift and support each other as we all share the same mission. We treat customers and each other with respect and empathy and do not tolerate rude behavior at the workplace.

We are always learning

We are not there yet. We can always do better. We are not afraid of mistakes, nor admitting them. We fix problems fast and share our learnings.

If you are one of our brilliant future employees and colleagues, you can mirror yourself in this mindset and the values which our Flyhjælp mindset represents.

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